Lucas grew up in DFW and moved to San Antonio after being a restaurant manager for a couple of years. Art has always been a part of his life, but it was not until his late 20's that he decided to become creative again.  The move to San Antonio help rejuvenate his passion for art. Since then, his talents have grown past pen and ink drawings and into welding and general fabrication.


Currently, a Texas / Star Wars mash up art exhibition and contest that he created is touring Texas for its second year. He does do some work with Valco Designs and Great Room Escapes, however he thoroughly enjoys commissioned work from people that want something worth more than just monetary value.  He also belongs to The Parish, an artist cooperative located one mile west of downtown San Antonio.


He is an instructor for a Painting With A
Twist located in The Forum just outside of San Antonio.

"Helping people realize that they can achieve their artistic goals goes well beyond teaching. I've always been a mentor, and this job, Lone Star Wars, and being a part of an artist cooperative are my ways of influencing others to stay creative and express whatever they want to about their passions."


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